Consider What You Ask God For
"Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teachings come from God or whether I speak on my own. Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him." --- John 7:17-18

When God teaches me something that blesses my life, I believe in passing it on to lift up the lives of others. So, here we go! Our lives have purpose. If it weren't so, we would not exist. God's  essential purpose for our lives is to connect with each other as members of the body of Christ. Every encounter we have with people and every interaction is a part of our purpose. But we miss so much of that process because we are focused on this question: "God, what is Your will for my life?" We don't mean any harm, but we ask God this question all of the time without realizing the limit it holds. 'My' is a pronoun that serves as a possessive adjective. When we include it in the question of 'what is God's will for (my) life'-we negate the bigger picture. The bigger picture is - God's will. Our question to God implies that we are only interested in knowing and doing what we are supposed to do so we can be in good standing in His Kingdom for our individual selves. However, God's will is inclusive for all of His children, and it takes all of us working together for God's will to be done. So, if we really want to know and obey the fullness of God's purpose for our lives, we need only ask our Father, "What is Your will?"  When we do this, we will experience manifestations of God that are beyond our wildest imaginations!





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