God Doesn't Tempt or Tease

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."  --- Matthew 5:6

All the absolute best of life is what God wants to give to you! What exactly does that look like, you might ask? Well, you won't see it advertised on billboards or in radio or television commercials - that's for sure! The best that God has to offer you is in Jesus Christ, and everything within Jesus fills every desire you could imagine. The material assets of this world can settle your longing for things that meet your needs or make you happy...for a time. But those things have an expiration date. They wear out, get old, and eventually are forgotten when the enthusiasm of it all dries up. Then the world just recycles them in other forms and colors to make you think you need or want the same thing you already had. You just get tempted and teased over and over again. But your Heavenly Father doesn't play with your life by tempting and teasing you with the wonderful things He wants to give to you...freely! He wants you to 'taste of Him and see for yourself that He is good' (Psalm 34:8)! He gave you His Son so that when you give your life to Him, He can fill your hunger and thirst for the absolute best of life which is rooted in your and His relationship! There are no cover ups, remakes, or strings attached. There is a grand life with your name on it that is waiting on you in Christ! Make your claim today!





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