Prayer Closet
'[But this kind of demon does not go out except by prayer and fasting.]"                                                      --- Matthew 17:21 (AMP)

Do you have a special place you go to in your home when you want to be alone in prayer with God? Prayer is effectual anywhere you do it as long as it is sincere and from your heart. But there is something about having a prayer closet or a designated room - a place where you can go in and shut the door behind you - that is holy fearful to our spiritual adversaries. When you set yourself apart from your surroundings and designate a space that allows room for only you and God - you create a place that becomes Holy ground - and the Presence and Power that enters in cannot be invaded or spied upon by any form of physical or spiritual interferences. My sanctified imagination sees myself as entering a dimension of Heaven where I can be as close to my Father as I possibly can. And while I am there, a lot of interaction goes on between my spirit and His.   I don't know or understand it, and I hardly remember any of it at all. But I do know that when I've finished praying and we're through spending time together, there is a shift that occurs in my closet that makes me different than the way I was when I first entered in! And while all remained the same on the other side of that closet door - when I turn the doorknob and step out - I can tell that I am not the same! I had been with my Father! The residue of being with my Him coats my inner being from head to toe. I have an anointing on me that is protecting my mind, body, and soul. That’s how I make it in this life of mine. If you haven't done it already, why don'’t you designate a place in your home for prayer, and invite God to 'come on in the room'?





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