You Have A Choice
Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. --- 1Chronicles 16:11

Which do you prefer...the pains you bring upon yourself for the sake of having something turn out or remain the way you want it to -or- the pains you suffer for the sake of growth? Personally, I prefer the pains of growth, because I realize there is a purpose for my good in the suffering, and that the pain has an end time that will bring forth something new and wonderful! I've had my share of stubborn times when I was adamant about doing things my way. I've made purchases I wanted but knew I couldn’t afford. I charged the paying of the bill to the Lord, and what did He do? He declined my credit! What came next? I endured the pain of insufficient resources. I could not enjoy my purchase, and I had no one to blame but myself. I had a choice, but I didn't make a wise one. In hindsight, I should have sought after and accepted the wisdom of the Lord. To hear Him tell me to wait would have caused me the temporary pain of dissatisfaction. But in due time the pain would have come to an end. My patience would have grown stronger, and I could receive what I desired to have with joy instead of regret. Have you currently experiencing the pains of moving ahead of God on something that you didn't first counsel with Him about? Have you talked with God about something you are getting ready to do, but He hasn't given you His response yet? Which type of pain do you prefer? His answer to you is worth waiting for. You have a choice.