Sallie’s Ministry
When God's people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality. --- Romans 12:13

Sallie's parents instilled in her at an early age to do her work in the world from her heart. She had gone through some of the most unbelievable trials and heartaches in her life. Through it all - she always approached whatever work she had to do with a caring heart. 'I work for the Master' - Is Sallie's life mantra. She understands that nothing she does to serve God and His people can be hindered as long as she trusts in Him to see it through. That's why when Sallie retired from her secular job, she was able to step fully into what has always been a calling on her life - helping others. She manages one of God's kitchens. Right from the comfort of her home, Sally works with the Lord to channel food to people in need.  God provides her with all of the resources, and she - in turn - disperses staple goods to those persons who are able to cook for themselves, and she prepares and shares hot meals with others who have difficulty with doing so for themselves. God can work through Sallie because she has open hands and a generous heart. Sallie uses her potential to show others how much God cares about them. What does she get out of all of this? She gets the fulfillment of her vision to serve the Lord and His people, the joy of working in her purpose, and the satisfaction of experiencing God provide for all of her needs - knowing without a doubt that He is well pleased with her - His good and faithful servant! Whether you are still in the workforce or retired, how are you using your potential to shine God's light in the lives of those in need of encouragement and hope? There is just as great a blessing in it for you as it is for those you serve.





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