Come See About Me
So in everything you do, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. ---Matthew 7:12

I'm accustomed to seeing one of my church sisters seated in a particular pew each Sunday morning during worship service. Last Sunday was no different. Mask or no mask - I know her when I see her - and we never miss greeting each other. It just happened that on Monday, I went to visit my cousin at the hospital, and as I was getting a pass to go to her room, I learned that my church sister had been admitted on Sunday night. Of course, I stopped in to check on her - but she was embarrassed for me to see her in her time of sickness. She covered her face and apologized over and again for her state of being. With much concern, I spoke caring words to let her know that I was seeing her the same way I see her at any other time, because I always see her through the lens of my heart. When she did look at me and saw that I was sincere, she relaxed and expressed to me an abundance of appreciation for my coming to see about her. This experience brought to my attention how we Christians place ourselves on a pedestal of always looking like we have our stuff together all the time even though we don't. And if this is what we demonstrate to the world - then it is understandable why non-believers who observe us hesitate to put their trust in God. Love at its best goes to work in a person's time of need. Christians are no different from everyone else who needs a Savior. You might be used to seeing me at my best, but when I am down, I especially need you to see me and to come see about me! I will do the same for you because we are in this life together.