A Cup of Coffee and A Friend
And they (Job's three friends) sat with him (Job) on the ground seven days and seven nights, and no one spoke a word to him, for they saw that his suffering was very great. --- Job 2:13

We experience difficulties in life that can take a great toll on our hearts and minds. The burdens can weigh our spirits down so heavily that it seems difficult to breathe, much less to speak.  In fact, talking about our circumstances only seems to make them more unbearable. And yet, we do not want to be alone. We understand that Jesus is there with us, but human presence would be an additional comfort. Sometimes a cup of coffee and a dear friend is what we need to help us pull ourselves together. The coffee is an element that sets an atmosphere for conversation. But what really makes the difference in difficult times is the companionship of a friend and - the comfort of sharing space and silence - with no pressure or need of explanation. Silence is a conversational gift that we do not appreciate as much as we should. It is in silence that we can sense the peace of God. It is in silence that we can hear the whispers of God. It is in silence that we can be still and let the raging storms of life settle down, and it is in silence that we can discover the strength we have through the power of Jesus to ride out the storm and know that we’ll be alright when we arrive to the other side. The next time you are having a rough go at life circumstances, have enough strength to put on some coffee and call up a good friend. Whether in person or over the phone - presence and silence is all you may need to help you work things out.