Exquisite Treasure (Ovarian Cancer Month)
She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. --- Proverbs 3:15

Dear Sisters,
Thank you for the fruitfulness you bring to the world through the splendor of your smile, your style, and your ability to stir up the aromatic sensation of lilt, liveliness, warmth, and sunshine by the effervescent tones of your voice. The world is not always fair to you regarding the eternal reigning value you possess in the hearts of family and society. The many roles you play, the many hats you wear, the many struggles you face for yourself and others all help to make life better. You fiercely exemplify your belief that you 'can do all things through Him Who gives you strength' (Philippians 4:13). In sickness and health, you are caregivers who set yourselves aside for the sake of giving comfort and support to others. However, we want you to understand that it is vitally important to us that you give back to yourselves just as much as you give to us and the world by taking the time to schedule your annual appointment with you health provider, and paying attention to any telltale signs that your body may signal to you. Don't fool yourselves to think that your good works and your faith exempt you from being affected by natural ailments. We are in support of your wellbeing. We need you to be just as proactive and preventive with yourselves as you are to others, because you are essential to life ...and we praise and honor God for the exquisite treasure of a vessel you are!
Your Sisters and Brothers in Christ...and in Life!





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