September Bliss

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” --- Genesis 8:22

Welcome to the month of September with its symbolic signs of nature's transition from the heat-laden days of summer to the still heat-laden days of early fall! The effects of climate change leave a temperature layover of the preceding season, but the appearance of the sun in the morning, afternoon, and evening skies signals the forthcoming of autumn joy. The fragrant entrance of spring and summer's pastel and vibrant colored flowers, and the rich greenery of budding tree leaves and lawn grass were somewhat overlooked this year because of multiple circumstances surrounding the pandemic. But the fact of the matter is this - the pandemic nor any other world event can interrupt or stop the nature of God. God is everywhere and all around us. All we must do is take the time to look beyond our circumstances and give our attention to the exciting seasonal changes He brings to our environment, letting us know that He will always be our faithful and dependable Father, and nothing will ever change that. And so, as September begins to blissfully turn the vibrant pastels and greeneries into rich and bolden shades of red, burgundy, gold, orange, purple, and browns - admire, embrace, and rejoice in the truth that God has impeccable ways of displaying to us the beauty, warmth, and assurance of His divine love for us.