It Looks Possible To Me!
I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me. --- Psalm 16:8

Dottie was a young girl with an old soul. Maybe it was because her nanna was raising her. She would say what she had to say, do what she needed to do, enjoy herself being a girl, and soak up her nanna's love. I think her quick mouth was what made me like her so much - except when she was quick-mouthed with me. I’ll never forget how I learned that Dottie didn't believe in excuses. There was this time when I caught a cold. I pulled every pathetic trick I could think of so I could stay home from school, but none of them worked. Since I didn't have fever, Momma sent me on my way. I tried to make Dottie feel sorry for me, but that didn’t work out for me either. For each complaint I whined about - I can't eat my lunch; I shouldn't be outside; I won't get all of my homework done today; I hope I don’t feel worst tonight - Dottie would look to her right and then turn to me and say this one response: "It looks possible to me!" I got fed up with her, and I asked, "Why do you keep looking toward your right side and then saying that?!" 
Her response to me was this: "Nanna says that the Lord always stays with me on my right side, and as long as He's there -  then no matter how I feel or how things appear - He will make everything look possible to me! As far as I can tell, your excuses look possible to me!"
Dottie made me so freaking mad at...myself! But the lesson that old soul of a young girl taught me back then remains etched in my faith walk to this day. All things are possible - only 'believe'.





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