Let’s Have A Laugh!
You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine. ---Psalms 4:7
(Laughter is good for the soul!)

I went straight to the hair salon when I arrived in town. There were some ladies there talking about a crazy woman who attended their church and how she always turned it out before the preacher even preached! They thought she might have a drinking problem because she jumped around singing and dancing, and she ran all over the church hollering and knocking people down! I shook my head and laughed at their exaggerated conversation. When I left the salon, I took some collards to my Aunt Zulema's house. After placing my suitcase in the guestroom, I went in the kitchen where we talked while she cleaned and prepared the greens for Sunday's dinner. I shared with her what I heard about this crazy lady. In her soft-spoken voice, Aunt Zulema said, "Well, a crazy lady hadn't shown up at my church yet. But if she does, I hope she doesn't try to knock me down, or she might get knocked back!" We both giggled at the thought of my thin-framed aunt even attempting to hit someone!
We went to church the next morning and took our seats in a pew about midway to the front. I excused myself to the ladies' restroom when the choir stood to sing their last selection prior to the sermon. I recognized the ladies sitting on a back pew as the ones who were at the salon. I assumed they were visiting my aunt's church to avoid the dynamic display at their church. Through the restroom walls I could hear the choir singing one of my aunt's favorite songs - 'Life and Favor - You Don't Know My Story'.  When I returned to the sanctuary, it was obvious that the congregation was lit!!! Someone had gotten hold of a microphone and taken over the choir's song! Everyone - except the ladies from the salon - was on their feet, praising and shouting! Not paying attention, someone rushed by me and knocked me down! All I remember was the sound of a woman hollering, 'THANK YOU, JESUS!" Some members helped me up, and I made my way back to my seat. Immediately I noticed that Aunt Zulema wasn't there. Standing on my tippy toes to see where my aunt could have gone - I was shocked to see that the crazy woman who had been turning out the church… was my Aunt Zulema!!!
 I didn't know what to say to my aunt after church. After we got in the car and before I could speak, she turned to me and said in her soft-spoken voice, "You said the ladies were talking about a crazy woman. I'm not crazy!  I'm just filled with the Holy Spirit, and I don't let spectators and nobody else stop me from praising my Lord. He is toooo goood to me!  Now, take me home to those collard greens. I'm so tired and hungry. You'd think I had been working all morning, and all I did was go to church!"