Loving Each Other
Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other. ---Romans 12:10

When the pandemic halted our friendly exchanges of fellowship, handshakes, and hugs - it aborted essential ways that we express our love for one another. The privilege of hearing people's voices and seeing their faces is one level of our spiritual condition that produces joy and comforts our hearts and minds. But a deeper level of our spiritual condition happens in the moments when we clasp hands or embrace one another - connecting our souls and affirming brotherly and sisterly love within the Kingdom realm of our being (we are Kingdom citizens). This interim in our communion is giving us time to reflect on just how important we are to each other in the body of Jesus Christ. The power force we have within us is maximized when we 'don't  pretend to love each other, but we really love each other by hating what is wrong and holding tightly to what is good; loving each other with genuine affection, and taking delight in honoring each other'(Romans 12:9-10). Every one of us is of vital value to the inclusive life and service of 'who' we are - 'God's church'. Far more than the in-passing, 'I love you, and I love you more',  we are - 'I love you...for being an essential part of my life'.  Meditate on this message today. Thank God that you belong to a family of believers who love you. Praise God for the piece of His Kingdom that you embody. May the love of God continue to draw us closer - one to another. Amen.