Strengthening Our Branches
"But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted!" –John 15:7

There is an element of individuality that - when taken to the extreme - sorely  weakens our relationships with each other regarding our attachment to the True Vine. We are respectively unique and individual - one to another. But even in this, we are who we are by the breath and spirit of God. We each are created by and serve the same God. Through Jesus - and only through Jesus - are we able to be and become the greater good version of ourselves...but 'we cannot and are not meant to do it alone'.. There are branches of our destiny that are interconnected with each other, and they support the destinies of many wonderful works God has willed for the lives of every single one of His children! Therefore, our lives and our experiences along the way are to be shared with each other to help us become stronger people - stronger branches - not judges and juries. We can minimize our weaknesses and maximize our strengths by taking our individual pieces of the body of Christ and joining them together so we can become whole. Our wholeness produces an abundance of spiritual vibrancy and fruit for the body of Christ and for God’s Kingdom. The Kingdom of God reigns within us. In this - our 'purposed time' – we are the change that we seek in this world. Let’s join our pieces together so that through us God’s will shall prevail amid the strong branches of our Family Tree.





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