Talk Me Back To Life
Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing. –Proverbs 12:18      
Sometimes a phone call can be toxic, and it can poison your spiritual life. Believe me, I know. Just this morning I experienced my own death and resurrection. I received a call from my sibling. My sunshine salutation was met with a Pepto Bismol response, and it went downhill from there! Within moments, I was spiritually talked to death with the most dismal outlook on a day that was just getting started. Before we hung up, I noticed that my sibling sounded more light-hearted and cherry, but I felt like a soul that had been buried in a rancid pit. Shortly afterwards, my daughter called with her sunshine salutation. She took a brief listen at what I was saying, and then she said to me, "That's enough!" I called to talk to my mom, not her sibling's junk! Now, let's start this conversation over.” She rebuked the darkness that had invaded my spirit, and she talked me back to life again! Her fresh perspective on the morning and all the possibilities God specifically placed within me for today pulled my soul out of that pit, and I breathed in the joy I had first awakened with. So, for you - whether you communicate in person, by phone, or in a virtual setting today - speak and be spoken to with life! Before you dare dump or be dumped on in a conversation - end it - and  let your soul embrace the fullness of today!