I Wear the Mask!
Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. ---Genesis 2:7

The air we breathe has been affected by a germ that puts our health at risk if we do not protect ourselves from it. Wearing a mask on my face isn't the most preferable thing I care to do, but it is not an issue for me because my ultimate desire is to be able to breathe and live. In my observations of people who I encounter not wearing masks I have considered how we could easily have had more extreme options to consider for the sake of protecting ourselves. What if every person had to have a tube inserted in them 'just in case' they contracted the germ? Or, what if we had to take a drug that would make us violently ill - but it would shield us from the germ ever coming our way? Thank God this isn't the case. We simply need to wear a mask in addition to washing our hands, and social distancing. I do what is necessary for my own sake, the sake of those I care about, and the sake of every human being whom God breathed His breath of life into. I wear the mask because the first breath I ever took was a gift that God Himself gave directly to me, and I cherish it. With wisdom and discernment, I am going to honor my Life Giver, protect the life He has placed in me, and have mercy on anyone who demonstrates no concern for the wellbeing of themselves and others or gratitude for the gift of life. By faith, I believe that this germ will not last forever. But until that time comes - #IWEARTHEMASK!