Devotion written by MZBC

Speak to Your Emotional/Spiritual Pain
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. --- Psalms 147:3

Your emotions are a delicate part of your personality. Healthy emotional development is crucial to how you deal with your feelings throughout every stage of your life. It affects your feelings toward yourself and others. Being heartbroken, hopeless, insecure, angry, resentful - you get the picture - it  all creates pain that grips your spirit with a sense of heavy burden, tension, worry, defensiveness, and being at a loss. Emotional pain can consume your mind and your spirit, and it can produce physical pain. Your emotions are not only affected by people, but they also respond to world events (wars, violence, injustices, etc.).  But you can speak to your emotional pain with the power of hope. With your hope anchored in the Mighty Rock of Jesus, tell your pain that you are stronger than it gives you credit for being, because Jesus is your strength. If your emotional pain eases off for a while only to rise again and disrupt your peace - do not be upset or afraid. Speak to it by declaring your belief in what God says in His Word about His plans for your life. Remember that you are in the Presence of Jesus the moment you call on His name. If you nurse your pain, it will remain your companion, and you - its victim. But when you pray and speak to it in faith - it cannot stay - and  Jesus will surely strengthen you in it, through it, and out of it!