Devotion written by MZBC

Wrestle To Win
"...and I  heard a hushed voice..." ---Job 4:16b

Being 'still' requires more than stopping our physical movements. Stopping our bodies is easier than stopping our minds. It is in the mind where the bell rings, and the wrestling match begins! Stillness in the company of Jesus gives way to the privilege of hearing His voice speak softly to our souls. But we wrestle with the loudness of our thoughts that swirl hastily from one thing to another making it difficult to reach a full state of stillness within. But just like Jesus spoke to the stormy lake in Matthew 8 and made it calm down, we, too, can speak to our racing thoughts and say, "Peace, be still." When you seek to hear the peaceful voice of God amidst a loud world and thoughts that can be even louder, wrestle to win your peace by proclaiming the power of God's peace that the world can't give you...and the world cannot take away.