Devotion written by MZBC

Pray In That Moment
Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. --- Colossians 4:2

Sometimes while at our jobs or in public places or in phone conversations we are randomly or specifically asked to keep someone in prayer or to include someone in our prayers. We can respond with prayer in that moment. Praying does not mandate that we be a certain place and time, nor does it dictate that we have all the specifications of the reason for the prayer. Prayer simply requires us to present our caring hearts before the Lord to beseech His grace, mercy, and  love on behalf of our brothers' and sisters' request. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will urge us to have prayer in that moment with the person who has made the request. Other times, we will pray in the spirit while still talking to the person without them being aware that we are doing so. It does no good to put off responding to prayer requests until we say our prayers at night before going to bed. The certainty of our lives is only one breath in and out at a time. So, when we are asked to pray for someone, we must pray in that moment so that no matter what else the day may or may not unfold - we will have delivered the requested prayers to our King.





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