Devotion written by MZBC

Can You Accept A Compliment?
Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up. --- Romans 15:2
Why is it that some men and women have such a difficult time accepting compliments? Their responses to the kind gesture have nothing to do with what is being applauded. All too often, compliments are met with self-criticism or blame.

Compliment: "Simone, that dress looks lovely on you."
Response: "Child, please. I’ve got knock-knees, and my shoulders make me look like a boxer!"
Compliment: "Al, you did a fantastic job on the Stratton & Davis account."
Response: "Well, Kirk didn’t make it easy for me. He and Dell tried to sabotage my report!"
UGH!!!What is wrong with simply saying ‘thank you’ and being grateful that God revealed the best in you regardless of how you may see yourself or who may have tried to discredit you? I challenge you from this day forward to be mindful of the compliments extended to you so that you will accept them with grace and humility. Did you know that God speaks to you through other people in this way to remind you that He is fond of you? The next time you receive a compliment - please smile - and say, "Thank you." It will not cost you a thing, and it is healthful for your spirit!





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