Devotion written by MZBC

Catch Your Knack!
Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spirit fervor, serving the Lord. ---Romans 12:11  

A spirit of enthusiasm produces greatness. A spirit of Godly enthusiasm produces energy, direction, commitment, and purpose that lends greatness to whatever we are excited about doing! What do you enjoy doing? I mean - what is that occupation, hobby, or natural talent that makes each new day more meaningful to you? If you don't know  what it is, then maybe you are not exactly sure of what you want. Search your spirit and ask God to help you discover what it is that completely enthralls you! You might already know, but you are hindered by doubt or lack of commitment. Listen to me - you do not need a fan club to be enthused about the possibilities for your life. If you will 'catch your knack' and delve into the creativity and challenges that come along with it, you will ignite an inextinguishable Godly enthusiasm that will keep life from ever being boring or without purpose. Your enthusiasm will be contagious! There is no end point to the things we can do that add excitement to life when we are willing to learn and grow along the way. If you are so excited about something you do that you are willing to take risks and abandon all distractions that would prevent you from getting it done - well then, I would bet that your spirit of enthusiasm will propel you to greatness!





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