Devotion written by MZBC

Do Not Look Away
Where is another God like you, who pardons the guilt of the remnant, overlooking the sins of his special people? You will not stay angry with your people forever, because you delight in showing unfailing love.  --- Micah 7:18

You are looking at your reflection in the mirror. Hair and clothing all in check - you are looking good! You say out loud, "I am the reflection of my Creator!" But then,, the Holy Spirit moves you to think about some things you are holding in your heart. You take a deep breath and look away from your view in the mirror. What just happened? You were given a reminder of your shortfall from the glory of God, and you chose to look away from it rather than to face it. What good is it to receive a box wrapped in pretty paper only to open it and find useless scraps inside? The outer appearance is inviting, but the inside is a disappointment. The Holy Spirit pointed this lesson out to you about yourself, but you cannot do what is necessary to change what He showed you if you look away from what is there. God looks at everything about you in His love and admiration for you. During your best times and your worst times - He considers all your mental, physical, spiritual,  and emotional being - and He does not look away from the things He sees that are not pleasing to His sight. He desires for you to become better than you are by dealing with that which hinders you from all He created you to be. Because He loves you still and even more when you aren’t truly looking your best - you can love yourself enough to look at what the Holy Spirit discloses to you and say, "I am better than this, and with the Lord's  help I will change so that my spirit will reflect the One Who created me!" Imagine how much finer your reflection will be with the glow of a pure heart?