Devotion written by MZBC

Called Out One

I have singled him out so that he will direct his sons and their families to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just. --- Genesis 18:19a

Assigned, aligned, and anointed for an appointed time - that is what you are - a called out one.     Born in this world but not of this world - you are a diamond in the rough - hidden by God until He is ready to reveal you. The days go by, and you may feel as insignificant as you are sometimes treated. Even though you are not fully aware of what God is up to,  you sense a greatness within you that apparently no one else has taken notice of. God notices. He planted it within you, and He will nourish and prune you and your gift until you are ready and the season is ripe for you to step into and serve in the capacity only you can do. Do you cook? Keep at it. Do you sing, dance, write,  teach, clean homes, repair equipment, speak, record videos, listen to and assist you clean toilets? You better hear me...keep doing whatever it is that you do and do your best with a spirit of humility and gladness! You know why? Because while you may be good at what you are engaged in, there is a greater purpose to it. The basics of what you do - whatever it is - serves to sharpen necessary skills that will make you more effective in what God has called you out for. When He lifts His concealment from around you - not only will you fully know the what, when,  where, why, and who of your mission - you will also be firmly positioned to serve God's Kingdom in the earth and reap the spiritual and physical benefits of being a called out one assigned, aligned, and anointed for your appointed time.