Devotion written by MZBC

We Cannot Earn God’s Gifts

Aren't you grateful that Jesus sent us a Helper when He ascended back to Heaven? The Holy Spirit is a gift that we did not earn. There is no type of work we can do that affords us such favor as that which flows from the hand of God. We work in our jobs so that we can have the means for what we need in our daily living. It is an economical exchange of the resources we provide through our time, knowledge, and talent for the wages we earn that make us able to acquire other resources. For an unemployed person - yes - they would consider a job as a gift. But the work and the wages are a matter of commerce. Sometimes this system of exchange is transferred into our custom of giving gifts. Someone will give a gift to another, but the gift has an agenda attached to it. Guess what? That is not a is a hitch! A gift is meant to be given with no expectation of something in return, no Catch-22, and no affliction. A gift serves to uplift, support, and bless another's  life. You see why we could never work enough or earn enough to afford the gifts we receive from God? He gave us Jesus, salvation, the Holy spirit, the fruit of His Spirit, His Presence, forgiveness, healing, peace... God gives us gifts that we sometimes refuse to accept because we are conflicted in our understanding of how He chooses to provide the gifts or who He chooses to send the gift through. But if we would stay close and uncluttered to the leading of the Holy Spirit within us, we would not work so hard at accepting what God gives to us no matter how or through whom He gives it. He is Abba Father. He gives good gifts to His children. When we give a gift that blesses another's soul over and over again, then we have followed the example of the Master Giver. Love is given freely and does not have to be earned.