Devotion written by MZBC

That Is How Great He Is
The Lord has made the heavens his throne; from there he rules over everything. --- Psalm 103:19

Our imagination is a great help for where our comprehension cannot reach, especially when we consider the greatness of our God. His expansive oceans, huge mountains, and the scenic views of nature are breathtaking. His variety of animals and organisms are mind blowing. All of humanity with its various cultures of people, customs, languages, and beauty are the apple of God's eye and the joy of His Kingdom. Each intricate detail about everything that exists is known and belongs to God. Nothing is ever lost, hidden, or forgotten. Because we serve a God Whose greatness spans the universe, everything that exists is accounted for. Everything visible and invisible belongs to Him. What He does for one of His own, He does for all.  Everybody's life has value, and no one is left out. He rules over 'eh-va-ree-thing'! He is so great that He sits high in the heavens as He looks low and rules over the matters of our lives. Our imagination helps us to visualize the magnificence of our Father, and our faith helps us to believe in His power and His might. How small we are in comparison to His fingertip! Yet, we are made in His likeness, and He loves us immensely. That is how great He is...and that makes us great, too.