Devotion written by MZBC

Run It By God First
And may the Lord our God show us His approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful! --- Psalm 90:17

Consider that you just had a fantastic idea about something that you want to do or to buy. You feel excited, so that must mean that you are supposed to act on it…right?! Your best friends are telling you to go for it! You have told yourself that you deserve it, you are grown, and you do not have to ask for anyone’s permission to do it. You believe in going with your first thought, so you move on your idea as fast as a light comes on when you flip the switch. You go and do it. You go and get it. A little bit later, you think about how the energy and excitement of your idea has now vanished. Instead of producing satisfaction, what you did may have caused insult, or what you bought was more of a setback than an investment. Why is that? Well… did you think to run your idea by God first, and wait to see what He would impress upon you to give careful thought to? We can have the best ideas in the world and desire to move on them with the purest of intentions - but when we go ahead of God and exclude Him from what possibilities there may or may not be for what we envision – that’s the very instant that our idea goes wrong, and we set ourselves up for troubles that could have been prevented. God is the Giver of ideas. We are amateurs when it comes to bringing an idea into its best purpose. But we do not have to stay amateurs if we would just run it by God first.





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