Devotion written by MZBC

No Sin Discounts
People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy. --- Proverbs 28:13

Are you a savvy shopper? Go ahead with your bad self! I bet if I were to go shopping with you, I would rack up on all kinds of discounts. Savvy shoppers pay attention to when items go from high price to sales price to discount price to an additional percentage off for the slight flaws they may find on items. You do not want to mess with shrewd savvy shoppers when they are on the hunt for discount bargains! When their mission is complete,  they are more excited about their bargains than they are about their purchases! Well, guess what? People use the same strategy when they consider their sins. What do I mean? I am so glad you asked! Let's say I am angry at someone, so I tell a lie on the person, causing a wildfire rumor to spread. The Holy Spirit tried to convict me before I did it, but I ignored Him, and my high price deed was done. I figure that I just need to give it some time, and the effects of the lie I told will lighten up (my sales pitch). Eventually, I tell myself that I have done too many good things since I told the lie, and it is in the past.  Surely God will not count it against me (my discount). Wrong conclusion. God does not give us discounts on our sins. All sins come with a high price, whether you are rich or poor. If we do the crime, we will face the consequence in due time. We cannot hide, fix, or discount our wrong choices. When dealing with our sins we must face our Father. His mercy is a bargain we will never be able to afford, but He freely gives it to us at full value!





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