Devotion written by MZBC

Breaking Bows And Arrows
"If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others,  your Father will not forgive your sins." --- Matthew 6:14-15

WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?!?! I already make a conscious effort to not sin. And if I realize that I have sinned, I ask for forgiveness, and I try to correct what I have done wrong and not repeat the sin again. But you mean to tell me that if someone sins against me - whether it was intentional or not - I will be held accountable for that sin if I do not forgive them? Come on, Jesus! I admit that I can sometimes be a little slow - but really?!? Please help me with this lesson. I need You to give me a visual understanding as to why I must forgive others for their sins against me.  Here it is: Forgiveness is key to your sharing in My victory on the cross. There is constant spiritual warfare going on, and the adversary intends to use you to discredit Me. He comes to kill you, steal you, and destroy you (John 10:10) ...from Me. Unforgiveness is a baited trap that holds undesirable eternal consequences for you if you do not forgive. A person who sins against you is like a bow that shoots a lethal arrow to pierce your flesh and release a toxic poison in your heart, mind, and soul. If that person becomes spiritually convicted of his sin, and he repents - the bow and its effect in his life are then broken and powerless. However, if you do not forgive and let go of the sin done against you,  the arrow that pierced you becomes the adversary's foothold that turns into a stronghold in your life. You will have become the personified version of the sin that you will not forgive. The same stands true about the bow for a person who knowingly commits a sin - but does not seek forgiveness. So, why must you forgive others who wrong you? Because My dying on the cross was full payment for all sin and unforgiveness. Since it has been paid for, you need to let it go so that My suffering for you will not have been in vain.