Devotional written by MZBC

The Grace of Humility
But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. --- Galatians 5:18

A committee group met with a new contractor to discuss plans that were designed for a new building. The contractor listened to questions and concerns the committee voiced, and in turn he enthusiastically provided answers that demonstrated his ability to articulate the terminology of his area of study. His responses impressed majority of the committee...except for the oldest gentleman in the group. After sitting and listening patiently to everything that had been said, old man raised his hand to speak. Through the grace of humility - he strategically recapped every question and answer in laymen’s terms - revealing to the group that the contractor had not provided answers to any of their questions. Guilt was evident on the contractor's face. The committee thanked him for his time and dismissed him. Have you ever been in a situation where you knew what you were witnessing wasn't right? Did you become angry or feel like you had to do something quick to stop it? The effortless behavior of the old gentleman shows us how we can be when we let the Holy Spirit guide us in our actions and responses. The Holy Spirit doesn't need the help of our flesh to lead us in the way we are to go. Remember this the next time your flesh tries to override the gift of the Holy Spirit that God has placed in you. Allow God's grace to utilize your humility in difficult situations.





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