Devotional written by MZBC

So Amazing
They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty—and I will meditate on your wonderful works. --- Psalm 145:5

God is so amazing! There are not enough hours in a day or words to describe His incredible nature, and how He touches your spirit in ways you do not even realize. Everything God does is a miracle. Think about how He drifts you to sleep and stirs you to awaken, and you cannot pinpoint when either occurs! Think about all the rhythms and sounds, systems, functions,  and purposes of the various members of your inner body – all simultaneously working together better than a well-oiled machine! Beyond yourself, think about the fact that the planets and the stars obey His command as do the cycles of the seasons and all of life itself. You have the privilege to lift your voice and let your praises fly as freely as the birds that sing their tunes to their Creator early in the morning and throughout each day! Every day is an opportunity to admire the glorious splendor of God that is all around you. When you look in a mirror,  you see one of His most amazing creations looking back at you! Yes, God is amazing! Selah.