Love In Everyday Moments
Do everything in love.  1Corinthians 16:14

The young woman standing behind the counter took my sandwich order. Her co-workers were on break, and there was a line of people behind me. She was gracious and attentive as I told her how I wanted my sandwich to be made. Once she had my order, she thanked the people behind me for their patience and assured them she’d take care of them momentarily. I was all tense for her. I felt pressure because she had so many people waiting on her. But as I watched her, my anxiety melted away. Calmly, she went to the sink and washed her hands. After drying them, she slipped on her gloves and proceeded to prepare my lunch. There was a soothing rhythm to her motion in preparing, cutting, wrapping and boxing my sandwich. She created it with love. As I paid her and received my bag, I asked her how she manages to be so calm and pleasant when there are so many people waiting to be served. She looked right at me and said softly, “I always remember that it is how I make each customer feel in a moment versus how many I can serve in a moment of time. The impression I make on their heart is what will cause them to come back. I choose ‘love’.”