So Much More To See

“Lift up your eyes and look about you:” Isaiah 60:4a

We have become so conditioned to how the cycles of life come and go until we have lost the wonderment of it all that we once had as children. That is why so many of us struggle with having a vision for our life. Wonderment has us always asking, “What else?” because we believe in the possibility of there being more than the eyes can see. Vision is seeing what not yet is but has the potential of existing. How can we regain the sight we had in the innocence of our youth? We can seek what we were seeking as children…evidence of God. Caterpillars that turn into butterflies, leaves that change colors in the fall and surf the wind to land upon the ground, the amazing colors of spring flowers, and the thunderous sounds of people bowling in Heaven during a summer storm…these are examples of so much more there is to see all around us. They are glimpses of God’s ever-present existence among us. Instead of having tunnel vision and looking for an explanation for everything in life, we need to lift up our eyes and look all about at the wonder and vision there is too behold in our lives. God is everywhere!

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