Daily Devotionals

April 3
He Knows Me
“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 7:21
‘I never knew you’ are four words I never want to risk hearing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ say to me. Of all that the world offers me, none of it compares to what Jesus gave me in advance before I came into this world, all that He is to me and provides for me while I am here, and all that awaits me when He calls me home to live with Him in Eternity. Life isn’t easy, no. But it isn’t all that difficult either since my desire is to follow Christ. I could make my life the way I want to on my own. But my decision to follow my Savior is the road less traveled, and I choose to walk in it. I find His Presence, His discernment, His joy, and His peace in every experience life presents me along my journey. I also find that I am not as afraid as I would be without Him. My thoughts are on Him, and my focus is straight ahead. Unlike on my own - there is no downfall or setback for me when I walk with Jesus. Because I seek Him earnestly, I see how He uses everything in my life to build me up, make me wiser…humble me. I don’t ever want to hear Jesus say to me, “I never knew you.” If everything before me were to vanish right now, my intimate relationship with Him gives me blessed assurance that He’d say to me, “I am right here with you, My friend.”  
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April 6
The Living Word
Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” John 2:19
How alive is the Word of God? How much authoritative power does the Word have? I’ve never heard of brick and mortar ministering to people, receiving souls for Christ, or going to where the people are who need to hear the Good News of our Living Savior…our Living Word. God’s Word and its power are as alive as we receive it, meditate on it, believe in it, and adhere to it. The Word becomes life in us as we become what the Word says. The Word is our existence! That’s what the Jews didn’t understand when Jesus spoke of raising the temple in three days. He was speaking of Himself! Are you an example of a living temple of Christ? How would someone recognize that you are? Don’t let the world fool you to believe that a certain look of success identifies you as a Christian. That’s just a vain tactic. It can drive away more lost souls than not. In my sanctified imagination, I’m sure there are many saints who – who after finishing their life’s work - were welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven wearing their overalls, aprons, and busted shoes. What they had on didn’t make any difference, but what they had in them did.

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